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Collaborative Supply Chain Solution - Visibility, Flexibility, Collaboration & Control


How much production time or profit have you lost due to unforeseen risks in your supply chain? Are your supplier relationships collaborative? Bearing supply chains can be some of the most difficult for manufacturers to manage. NPB delivers solutions that help reduce supply chain risks such as poor quality, extended delivery, or dramatic cost increases, allowing you to focus on the business that makes you and your customers successful.

NPB Supply Solution

  • Visibility: Expert bearing product teams proactively and preemptively address problems
  • Flexibility: Efficient adaptation to limit the impact of supply disruptions related to quality, cost, and capacity.
  • Collaboration: Trust-based relationships allow close work with suppliers to identify risk and avoid problems.
  • Control: Existing framework of monitoring capabilities and control mechanisms that help confirm that procedures and processes are actually followed.

Most manufacturers have some form of a supply chain management program that helps them reduce the risks associated with their critical components and services. However, few companies find the visibility, flexibility, or control they need from these programs because they lack resources, human or otherwise, needed to give their supply chain appropriate attention.

To be effective, supply chain risk reduction requires knowledgeable and experienced management as well as regular monitoring. The largest risks in a supply chain often come as the economics of an industry or supply base change and suppliers consolidate, relocate, or close. The complexity of an item or the number of capital intensive processes in its manufacture increase the level of risk. Today, as changes and complexity in a supply chain build, the resources and time needed to assure visibility, flexibility and control are not available to most manufacturers. Allowing additional risk to build unchecked in a supply chain is a recipe for disaster.

Because of change and the complex nature of today's bearing supply chains, disruptions will inevitably occur, resilience requires a built-in ability to recover efficiently and decrease the impact of those events. The solution is to work with a supplier delivering an integrated and collaborative approach to managing supply chain risk that goes beyond a part numbers or piece price to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.


National Precision Bearing Solutions Program Lifecycle


NPB Supply Chain Solutions:

  • inventory and Safety Stock
  • Supplier Capacity/Leverage
  • Broad Supplier Relationships
  • In-House Bearing Supply Experts
  • New Source Identification
  • Demand Review and Management
  • Expired inventory relubrication
  • Forecast and Lead Time Monitoring
  • Industry Risk Awareness
  • Key Supplier Focus/Risk Management
  • Long Term Contracts

Customer Solutions Delivered by NPB:

  • Inventory Reduction and JIT Delivery
  • Eliminate Downtime
  • Diversified Sources/Reduce Cost
  • Supplier Risk Reduction
  • Inventory Management / Monitoring
  • One Bearing Source/ Eliminate Problem Vendors
  • Reduced scrap costs
  • Streamline quality, purchasing, and accounting transactions
  • Stable Price and Delivery

Additional NPB Supply Advantages:

  • Customized Replenishment Systems
  • Contracted Long Term Pricing
  • Reduction of Obsolete Parts
  • Reduced Transactions in:
    • Receiving
    • Quality
    • Material Handling
    • Accounting
  • Consistent Labeling & Packaging
  • Usage Reporting/QBRs
  • Continuous Improvement Planning

Reduce your supply chain risk, find a collaborative solution and start focusing on the business that makes you and your customer's successful by talking with an NPB representative today.

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