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K&E Aero Tools

NPB Presents: K&E Aero Tools

National Precision Bearing is proud to announce the launch of the newest addition to the Mechatronics product family - K&E Aero Tools.  K&E Aero Tools offers a full range of bearing installation tools for OEM and custom build assembly requirements.  Our precision tools allow for accurate and repeatable Installation and removal, meeting OEM and industry standard installation specifications.  Tools offered include:

• Swaging and staking
• Cutting
• Installation and removal
• Rotational torque measurement
• Proof-load testing (standalone or with computer interface) 
• Drill-press & portable (on wing)
• Tri-roller, anvil, and custom designs

Swaging/Staking tools are designed for easily repeatable bearing installation and removal; these tools are available in forms suitable for shop environments or more portable on-site repair applications.  Most commonly used for installation of bearings with V-grooves, the swaging or staking tools come in a variety of forms including tri-roller, anvil, and other custom designs. 

Cutting tools are designed to remove a specific bearing with minimum damage to the housing assembly, saving the added expense of reworking the housing. Cutting tools are available in drill press or portable type. 

Proof load tools are specifically designed to meet the bearing and OEM requirements for installation and retention.  Portable proof load tester tools consists of an electronic handheld display, receiver cups, DTI gauge and a load cell that has been calibrated to meet your specific requirements.  A Press Proof Load Tester comes in the form of pusher and receiver cup that supports the bearing while being pressure loaded during testing.

NPB offers an all-in-one kit which includes all tools required for bearing installation, swaging, testing, cutting, and removal.  Kits are offered in customized PelicanTM cases to ensure safety of all critical tools as well as simplified and uniform storage for ease of operation. 

In addition, we offer services such as fast delivery for AOG repairs.  Lastly we can support a wide range of custom tools & kits as well.

The use of makeshift bearing installation tools and methods can result in several expensive unintended consequences. At its worst, the misapplication of force can result in significant damage to both the bearing and the housing. At best, parts are subjected to unnecessary stresses that could potentially shorten their serviceable life requiring more frequent maintenance cycles and increased potential for unexpected failure. Designed to meet OEM specifications these risks are easily avoidable with the use of appropriate staking, swaging, cutting tools and proof load testers.

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