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Industrial And Aero

NPB Presents: Technical Sales and Marketing Teams

National Precision Bearing is proud to announce our new Technical Sales and Marketing Team.

Strategically organized to maneuver quickly with the changes in both Aerospace and Industrial market trends, National Precision Bearing has reorganized our supply chain to provide a more customer focused approach.

Aerospace and Precision

Jun Iida- NPB Aerospace Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, brings his Timken Aerospace-Sales Engineering background, along with his Production and Application knowledge to our newly designed sales group.  Our Aerospace and Precision Bearing group also welcomes the recent addition of Penelope Konrad to the team, with a background in both Marketing and Website Analytics.


Our NPB Industrial Team includes Brian J. Ames- NPB Industrial Sales and Marketing Manager, with over 33 years of Power Transmission Bearing sales experience, with a specific focus on OEM products, to our refocused sales team.  Our Industrial Sales group also welcomes another new addition in Colin Brown, with his background in Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Supply Chain management.

We expect that our change in focus will provide our valued clients with the fastest response times, the most detailed product information, and add these to the same high quality inventory and distribution resources that they have come to expect.

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