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Drill Press Swaging Tool Operating Instructions

Set-up instructions

  1. Install roller fixture into chuck.
  2. Adjust spindle speed - recommend approximately 100 rpm for initial pieces.
    Note: This can later be increased up to 250 rpm, once operator proficiency has been developed.
  3. Guide bars or fixtures can be used to position the locating fixtures for repetitive swaging.

Operating instructions

  1. Insert bearing into housing.
  2. Position locating fixture (using the fixture with flat surface "primary" for first swage) in bearing bore.
  3. With the housing and bearing and locating fixture positioned under roller fixture slowly lower the spindle — ensure roller fixture bushing is piloted into the bearing bore.
  4. Utilize light pressure for initial revolutions to allow rollers to center in bearing groove.
  5. Apply normal arm pressure and maintain swaging tool engagement for approximately 5 seconds.
  6. Release pressure and remove tool from bearing/housing sub-assembly.
  7. Turn sub-assembly over and repeat steps 2 thru 6 to complete swaging on opposite side (using angled surface locating fixture "secondary" for this operation).
Drill Press Tool Diagram
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