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Portable Cutting Tool Operating Instructions

  1. Separate cutter by unscrewing locking nut (1) and removing washer (2) and locating cap (3).
  2. Insert connecting (5) shaft through bearing bore (4) and reassemble tightening locking nut (1)
  3. Holding pressure nut (12) tighten clamp nut all the way down.
  4. Turn pressure nut (12) until teeth exert light pressure on bearing lip.
  5. Turn cutter (7) until rotating freely (at least one full turn clockwise) and then tighten pressure nut (12) 1/8 turn while holding clamp nut (13)Note: Use pin type spanner wrench to turn cutter.  The wave spring (11) will insure that the cutter maintains constant pressure.
  6. Repeat step 5 until cutter has creased bearing lip.  Pressure may be increased by turning pressure nut (12) clockwise and holding clamp nut (13) or by turning clamp nut counter clockwise and holding the pressure nut. Note:   Cutter will bottom out when sleeve flange (6) meets connecting flange (5).  It is not necessary to cut to this depth but teeth are dimension to not cut into housing.
  7. Remove tool by unscrewing locking nut (1) and removing washer (2) and locating cap (3) and disassembling shaft through bearing.
  8. Push bearing out of housing using ASIR tool.
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